January 11, 2017

Hail Mary Spotlight Business at Umpqua Bank

 Hail Mary is the Spotlight Featured Business in the lobby of Umpqua Bank on NE Fremont and 44th in NE Portland. 
It began at the very beginning of 2017, and will run thru the end of March. You can buy wares directly. It's a lovely set up.
I have been making new things for this opportunity! 

October 30, 2016

RIP PRN Rosary
2016    6 ft.    3000.

October 1, 2016

Hail Mary POPPE UP SHOPPE that was.....

End of 2016...I had it looking real good, better than that room ever looked, but due to "technical difficulties" the shop didn't run it's full course. It was the best for my sanity, to cut it short. I've been around the block in my 53 years, and I know what I will and will not put up with. I appreciate all those who came to support my art and me. Thank you very much!


July 6, 2016

My Beloved Animals

Two of my beloved animals passed away this summer. Only a couple of days apart. My Sweet Dixie Girl and the adorably sweet Baby G. My Kitty, Baby G was a sudden surprise, and Dixie has been on her stoic elderly descent, for a while.  There is some comfort in their togetherness.
I truly believe that Baby G was guiding me and Dixie in a tinker-bell like way, assuring us both, that all would be ok.
RIP. It has been my honor.

April 4, 2016

Latest Commission

  This is a new piece for the St. Francis Hotel, in Bend Oregon. It is a current day version/replica of one of my works from the 'Letters to Lois' Series at the McMenamin's Kennedy School in Portland, Oregon.